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Noisy pipes?

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Did you hear that? No that! Yeah that! What Is That? I think itís the pipes.

Do you have a mysterious noise in your home? Think itís the pipes? Well here is a way to tell . If it is summer time the first place you need to check is your outside tap. If it is left with hose connected this is most likely your problem, as when you turn your inside faucets on you create a surge in the system which will make the backflow device on your outside faucet spit water and send a squealing sound throughout the home. Always shut your outside tap off and disconnect your hose to avoid getting yard chemicals into your drinking water system. Never drink from an outside hose that has been used to spray chemicals. If this is not the cause of your noise you will have to go through a series of trials to see if it is an air issue or an installation issue. Squeaks and squeals are often to do with the way the piping is installed, hammering and banging are usually from air in the system.

How to check for noise:

 open the taps in the house one at a time slowly then quickly, hot then cold then both. This can help determine if the noise in only in one location or if it is throughout the home.

 Check to see if the shut offs at the fixtures are all the way open.

 Flush the toilets.

 Shut the water main & hot water tank off, open all the faucets, drain water, shut off the faucets, turn the hot water tank & water main on, turn on taps and bleed air.

 Check for pipes that are visibly installed against ducts.

 Check for loose piping.

 Call for assistance.