Flat rate:

Is a concept designed as an industry standard for billing using a pre determined price for each job .

Essentially the customer receives the price for the job before the work is performed, often companies that charge a flat rate  will charge to come to your home and give you the price for the repairs, without actually performing the repairs

The national average in North America for flat rate is $120.00- $150.00 per hour

Flat rate is similar to receiving an estimate.


Time and Materials rate:

Is a pricing platform based on how much time the technician has spent to complete the job and the materials they have used.

Most time and material companies will offer a free estimate for the job.

Remember that no matter who you are receiving an estimate from they are all calculating the approximate time and materials needed to complete the job as well as factoring in the company’s overhead and allowances for if things go wrong on the job.

Most companies have a minimum rate that is charged for a service call of up to one hours time . So whether the job takes one hour or ten minutes your cost will be relative for the job.

For more information on billing practices we encourage you to call at least 3 service companies before you make a decision on who will perform the job , but remember the lower price is not always the highest quality as service companies may use different manufacturer products to quote the same job.

 You can also search the internet for more information. Search plumbing companies as well as flat rate pricing to get more information.


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Text Box: Pricing Strategies…...

Do you know what strategy your preferred professional uses?

Ever wonder why one guy is cheaper than the other guy, when you are trying to get a price on the same service?

All companies have the same basic premise when compiling a charge out rate. They simply take their costs and add on what profit they would like to obtain.

BUT…….. Here is where we show you something different.

It’s not in the price to you, its in the company’s costs that the difference in price is made.

If a company’s costs are  $1.00 and they want a profit of 20% then you will be charged $1.20, and the company gets .20 cents . If a companies costs are $1.50 and they want a profit of 20% then you will be charged $1.80, and the company gets .30 cents.

So if you are looking for a professional are you going to hire the person who spends $100.00 on advertising, or are you going to hire the company that spends $10,000?



Every penny counts.

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